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GVA's Unique Qualities

Project Learning

Small Class Sizes

Same Teacher for 2 Years (Starting in 1st Grade)


Character Development

Half-Day Fridays

Longer School Days, Less Homework

Spanish & Music (K-6th)

Physical Education (All Grade Levels)

More about GVA...
GVA Staff

I love working for GVA Salida because my coworkers are my family. We love, support and stand behind one another. I also love that our leadership and administration allows me to dream and work towards things that interest me as an educator.

Lindsey Duran - K Teacher
GVA Staff

I enjoy teaching a GVA because of its whole child approach to education. As a teacher, I am given freedom to teach my students to mastery, allowing them to go deeper in their learning. At GVA, we teach students to be productive and caring citizens both at school and throughout their communities through character education and building a strong home and school relationships.

Patricia Perales - 4th Grade Teacher
GVA Staff

I enjoy teaching at GVA because I am treated as a professional. I am given the freedom to select from curriculum to best suit the needs of my students. I can teach at my own pace and in my own style. Students benefit from this freedom because I can accelerate and slow down as needed to help them grow as learners and community members.

Grace Gilham - 2nd Grade Teacher
GVA Parent

The Meet and Greet that GVA provides is such a great event. The friendly staff and administration's constant presence and accessibility, and home-style lunch time are just a few of the things I love about GVA.

Christina Z. - 6th & 7th Grade Parent
GVA Parent

"We are so grateful for GVA! Since coming to GVA for 5th grade, my son, who has ADHD, has BLOSSOMED! He's now in 6th grade, loves coming to school, has many friends and even joined the band. He is a changed little boy and all for the better. He feels loved and cared for here at GVA and his social and academic life has increased by leaps and bounds!"

Valerie R. - 6th Grade Parent
GVA Parent

GVA has been great for my kids. It was worth the wait. My kids are safe, secure and loved by the teachers and support staff. In conclusion I could say a lot more all positive, but you should see for yourself why GVA is great.

John M. - GVA Parent
GVA Parent

GVA is a welcomed change! I appreciate the innovative teaching styles that GVA offers. The research based vision learning program that GVA uses has helped my child in so many areas of his academics. Music and foreign language begin early. I also appreciate that teachers get to stay with their student for at least two years. That way, the teacher has a greater opportunity to really see my child's potential and works to his strengths. Proud to be part of GVA!

Michelle E. - 3rd Grade Parent
GVA Student

What I love about GVA is that it is a safe, loving, caring place. It also is a good environment, and you always feel a part of this school. GVA is place where everyone has fun.

Shamiya - 6th Grade Student
GVA Student

I love that teachers are so patient and caring. They really try to help and respond in the kindest manner.

Demarcus - 6th Grade Student
GVA Student

What I love about GVA is the GVA pledge and how it shows students how to be kind and work hard. GVA showed me the real purpose of being kind and showing quality in all I do. My unique experience was being called up for assembly. I felt like I was famous. I love GVA. It's an inspiring school.

Sobhan - 6th Grade Student
GVA Student

The first reason why I like GVA is we have awesome field trips! Secondly, we have a nurse who is kind and sweet along with having good people as teachers. The school recycles and we learn ways to help plants in the ecosystem.

Adele - 4th Grade Student
GVA Student

Great Valley Academy is a wonderful school to go to! Speaking from experience, I've been going to GVA for 8 years now and all the teachers and students are kind and caring!

Taylor - 8th Grade Student
GVA Student

I like GVA because the teachers explain and teach well, and they are fun. I also like GVA because the students are taught to be kind to each other. Another reason I like GVA is because we have GEMS, Music, Spanish and Physical Education programs when other schools might not have those privileges.

Alayna - 5th Grade Student