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GVA's Unique Qualities

Project Learning

Small Class Sizes

Same Teacher for 2 Years (Starting in 1st Grade)


Character Development

Half-Day Fridays

Longer School Days, Less Homework

Spanish & Music (K-6th)

Physical Education (All Grade Levels)

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GVA Staff

I first heard about GVA just before it opened in 2008 and knew I needed to be a part of it. My son was in fourth grade at the time. I wanted a school that would not just help him learn, but would also care about him and make him feel valued. This is exactly how he felt during his 5 years at GVA. I am a teacher who loves working at Great Valley Academy. At GVA, my opinions and ideas are valued, I am treated as a trusted and capable employee by my administrators and colleagues, and I feel loved and respected by my students and families. In the past ten years of teaching at GVA, I have developed life-long bonds with students, parents, and staff. I wouldn’t dream of being anywhere else because this is exactly where I belong.

Suzanne Bruce - Teacher
GVA Staff

Great Valley Academy is not just a school, it is a community that I am proud and lucky to be a part of. I feel fortunate that I get to experience GVA as a teacher and a parent. My family has been positively impacted since joining GVA.

Crystal Tanaka - K Teacher
GVA Staff

As a GVA teacher, I appreciate working alongside teachers that see the whole child. Academic and character report card allow growth in students at GVA to become productive members of society. Having conversations and lessons around character development are great ways to help students develop and prepare them to be life long learners.

Lynn Hardy - GVA Teacher
GVA Parent

We chose Great Valley Academy because we wanted a school focused on developing the whole child. We recognized that GVA is a school that focuses on children's academic, social, and emotional needs rather than simple test scores. We have loved GVA's fantastic committed, passionate, and student-focused teachers. My children have had incredible teachers who have nurtured, inspired, encouraged, motivated, and instilled a love of learning in them. GVA's dedication to their students sets them apart from traditional schools.

Debbie J. - GVA Parent
GVA Parent

"We are so grateful for GVA! Since coming to GVA for 5th grade, my son, who has ADHD, has BLOSSOMED! He's now in 6th grade, loves coming to school, has many friends and even joined the band. He is a changed little boy and all for the better. He feels loved and cared for here at GVA and his social and academic life has increased by leaps and bounds!"

Valerie R. - 6th Grade Parent
GVA Parent

Quite simply, it’s the training. Every employee on campus is trained to address and help the WHOLE child. My educational background is child development and my husband is a public school teacher. I would pay money for this school. It is hands down the most comprehensive approach to education I have seen and experienced. We have sought after enrollment in this school for 5 years. I can’t believe they live up to the hype and to the promises stated in the orientation meeting.

Elizabeth W. - GVA Parent
GVA Parent

GVA has been the best choice for both of my students. My daughter is currently a Junior in High School and attended GVA from Kinder – 8th. She is a 4.0 student who is extremely involved in leadership and many other activities at her school. I believe her drive to be an involved student began at GVA. It was a school she was proud to not only attend but grow and thrive as part of the GVA family. Their focus on critical thinking has been crucial to her success as a High School student. For my son who is currently an eighth-grade student at GVA, the importance of physical education, movement and sports has been very important. He also enjoys the GEMS program and has really grown to push himself to think outside the box. We initially chose GVA for the family atmosphere that it fosters. We love that we are always not only welcome but encouraged to be a part of our children’s education.

Stacey F. - GVA Parent
GVA Parent

GVA is a welcomed change! I appreciate the innovative teaching styles that GVA offers. The research based vision learning program that GVA uses has helped my child in so many areas of his academics. Music and foreign language begin early. I also appreciate that teachers get to stay with their student for at least two years. That way, the teacher has a greater opportunity to really see my child's potential and works to his strengths. Proud to be part of GVA!

Michelle E. - 3rd Grade Parent
GVA Student

What I love about GVA is that it is a safe, loving, caring place. It also is a good environment, and you always feel a part of this school. GVA is place where everyone has fun.

Shamiya - 6th Grade Student
GVA Student

One thing I love about GVA is the focus on a balanced education. With electives, specials, and P.E. I also love how you grow up with the same kids, you’re with them for nine years if you start in Kindergarten and you build really good relationships from that.

Rhyann - 8th Grade Student
GVA Student

The teachers are fun. They help you achieve your goals. They help you learn. They keep you safe and they also keep you learning.

Camilla - 6th Grade Student
GVA Student

What I love about GVA is the GVA pledge and how it shows students how to be kind and work hard. GVA showed me the real purpose of being kind and showing quality in all I do. My unique experience was being called up for assembly. I felt like I was famous. I love GVA. It's an inspiring school.

Sobhan - 6th Grade Student
GVA Student

I love it here. I love all the teachers. I love the principal. I love the people that are here. It's just really great to be here. You learn a lot of things here. It's really fun. There's a lot of nice people here. The teachers are amazing, and I believe you really enjoy it here.

Syrena - 5th Grade Student
GVA Student

Great Valley Academy is a wonderful school to go to! Speaking from experience, I've been going to GVA for 8 years now and all the teachers and students are kind and caring!

Taylor - 8th Grade Student
GVA Student

It's actually great. I came here and I got really nervous and then like my first day I'm like, oh my gosh, I feel like I've been here for like 300 years.

Perri - 5th Grade Student