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About Us

Founding Principles

Great Valley Academy (GVA) was founded in 2008 on sound principles of child development and neuroscience, as well as proven educational theories. The founders group was made up of visionaries who firmly believed in the necessity of offering equitable educational opportunities to all and the potential of charter schools to deliver on that promise. Using these principles, the founders created GVA based on the idea that every child has the chance to reach their potential in an environment supported by safe and loving relationships. Combining a dedication to innovative instructional strategies, a focus on developing students’ character, and a commitment to helping all children master the skills they need to make the world a better place, GVA opened a school that builds tenacious, confident, and compassionate adults who do the right thing because it is the right thing to do. 

Five Pillars

From early on, the schools were strengthened by devoted educators and enthusiastic parents, who worked together to create the environment students needed to thrive. As GVA grew, the organization acquired seasoned leaders who further refined the organization’s focus by developing GVA’s five pillars, the core tenants of the organization’s approach:

1. Great Valley Smart (GVS®) – GVA trains the brain to unlock gifted learning through visual and movement skills.

2. Character Development – GVA equips students to become caring and responsible through choice theory and character reflection and assessment.

3. School Climate – GVA nurtures a sense of community where everyone is safe, loved and learning.

4. Mastery Learning – GVA empowers students to influence the pace and content of their academic experience by demonstrating mastery.

5. Highly Qualified and Dedicated Staff – GVA develops a highly-qualified team through extensive and interactive hiring practices and continuous professional growth.

These core tenants remain the guiding focus of GVA today. 

GVA Pledge

As a GVA student I promise to be kind in all I say and do, to be safe at all times, to do my best at home, at school, and everywhere I go because it's the right thing to do!