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Great Valley Smart (GVS)

Image Great Valley Smart (GVS)

Great Valley Smart is a unique brain building program that helps build a strong foundation that allows students to learn to their maximum potential.  We find that students do not always develop the skills necessary to help them learn.  By assessing their skill development we can determine their readiness to learn.  If their skill level does not match the academic demand they will struggle.  Likewise, if they are successful learners but capable of doing more, GVS can help.

Problems that may be related to poor skill development would include:

  1. Headaches with close work
  2. Short attention span
  3. Difficulty with learning to read or spell
  4. Difficulty with eye hand tasks or penmanship
  5. Difficulty with comprehension of written or orally presented material
  6. Difficulty with sports


Image Great Valley Smart (GVS)

Things you can do at home to help your student become the best learner they can be:

  1. Make sure they have a diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables.
  2. Encourage good posture and good lighting when doing any type of eye hand work or reading.
  3. Limit electronic media and games to 2 hours/day, on school days.
  4. Students need 8-10 hours of sleep to get maximum memory capacity and to be alert in class.
  5. Make sure you schedule family time to talk and eat together.
  6. Spend time reading to and with your younger students and set aside time for your older students to do independent reading.