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GVA Homeschool

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GVA Charter Homeschool Staff

The Great Valley Academy Charter Homeschool is an alternative, home-based educational opportunity that offers learners the opportunity of a Kindergarten through grade 8 educational opportunity that leads to a successful high school experience and post-secondary options of fulfilling employment and admission to an institution of higher learning. This opportunity is provided with the understanding that an education is a shared responsibility of the public schools, the parents, the community and individual learners. GVA values the commendable energy, dedication and success of all schools and recognizes that a charter school offers a unique opportunity to achieve its promise through uncommon means not currently available in all public school settings.

In the GVA Charter Homeschool, parents who enroll their children in the charter school accept the responsibility for their children’s education. They become parent/teacher to their children. The charter school will support its students and teachers by providing them with access to an Advisory Teacher, curriculum, educational materials and to community resources. Parents and their children, in conjunction with the charter school staff, may determine their own methods of teaching and learning. That team may create a child’s individualized curriculum and independently determine the particular child’s educational goals and objectives. Each parent/teacher is required to sign a Master Agreement and other required documents between the parent and the charter school stipulating the distribution between the parent/teacher and the Advisory Teacher of the following responsibilities:

  • Parent’s role as primary teacher
  • Defining and writing goals and objectives with parents for students
  • Evaluation of student work
  • Arrange for lessons, field trips and cooperative learning projects

The GVA Charter Homeschool provides its students with relevant and experiential learning opportunities in an environment that promotes intrinsic motivation regarding their growth. The home school students have the opportunity to participate in GVA’s character development program, Great Valley Smart, music, athletics and other classes.