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Strategic Plan

Vision Statement

Great Valley Academies envision thriving communities strengthened by individuals who act with confidence, learn tenaciously, celebrate the differences of others, and positively impact the world around them.

Mission Statement

Great Valley Academies create a safe, loved, learning environment where all students develop foundational thinking skills and positive character traits to achieve their greatest potential.

Process Overview

In January 2017, Great Valley Academies began a strategic planning process to critically reflect on how to improve its campuses and programs to best serve students and to prepare a developed charter school for increased impact. To guide the process, GVA established a Steering Committee of 13 people - school leaders, teachers, and board members - with a diversity of expertise relevant to GVA’s future planning - business management, K-12 education, and community leadership. Over the course of six months, the Committee worked together to create the 2017-2022 GVA Strategic Plan.

The planning process was structured around six central questions of strategic planning:

1. What is our current reality?
2. What are we ultimately working towards?
3. What are the specific outcomes we aim to achieve?
4. What is standing in our way?
5. What actions do we need to take in order to get there?
6. How will we measure our progress?