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Image Cross Country

Great Valley Academy 6th - 8th grade students have the opportunity to participate in school organized athletic programs. Each GVA campus may offer different atheltic sports depending on coach availablity and student participation. Athletic programs include:

Boys & Girls Basketball
Cross Country 
Ultimate Frisbee

Teens Run Modesto - Teens Run Modesto is a community organization designed to challenge local students to experience the benefits of goal setting, character development, adult mentoring and improved physical health through a structured training program culminating in the running of the Modesto Marathon.

Image Volleyball

GVA Student Athlete Code of Conduct

The following expectations are for all players and parents.

1. Respect: Players and parents must respect all coaches, referees, other players and equipment.

2. Practices: Players are expected to be present and complete all practices for the duration of the
season. Unexcused absences from practices may result in a player not being allowed to participate in
an upcoming game and/or being dismissed from the team.

3. Games: Players are expected to be at all games and to be a part of the team during the games, even
if they are not in the game. Players are expected to stay and clean up and set up after home games.
Unexcused absences from games may result in a player not being allowed to participate in an
upcoming game and/or being dismissed from the team.

4. Transportation: Parents are responsible for transportation to and from games.

5. Coaches: Players are expected to greet their coaches at the beginning of each practice and game and
are expected to check in with their coach before leaving a practice or game. Parents need to trust the
coaches in their efforts to do their best to be fair, yet remain competitive in the league.

6. Referees: Players and parents may not confront a referee. Players may not contest or complain about
a call to a referee. Players must show respect to referees at all times and are expected to thank them
after a game. Parents, please refrain from shouting or saying disrespectful words to the referees.

7. Players: They are expected to the give their best at all time during games and practices, and represent
GVA and their team well. This includes behavior in the classroom. If they are not taking the
commitment in the classroom seriously, they may be asked to leave a practice or game.

8. Attendance: Players who are absent from school may not participate in practice or a game on the day
of the absence.