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School Board

The Great Valley Academy School Board welcomes you to our meetings. Participation from parents, teachers and the community help make GVA stronger and increases student performance. 

Each regular meeting of the School Board allows public participation in two ways. Either through written communication or comment on agenda or non-agenda items. Individual presentations may not exceed three (3) minutes in length. Ordinarily, board members will not respond to presentations and no action can be taken. However, the board may give direction to staff following a presentation.

Duties of the School Board include:

  • Hire, supervise, evaluate, discipline, and dismiss the Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of GVA.
  • Approve and monitor the implementation of general policies of GVA.
  • Approve and monitor GVA’s annual budget and budget revisions.
  • Act as a fiscal agent. This includes the oversight of financial management activities for the operation of GVA in accordance with charter school laws. Contract with an external independent auditor to produce an annual financial audit according to generally accepted accounting practices.
  • Establish operational committees as needed.
  • Execute all applicable responsibilities provided for in the California Corporations Code.
  • Strategic Planning.
  • Approve schedule of Board meetings.
  • Participate in the dispute resolution procedure and complaint procedures when necessary.
  • Approve charter amendments as necessary and submit material revisions as necessary for Granting Agency consideration.
  • Approve annual fiscal audit and performance report.

The Board may initiate and carry on any program or activity or may otherwise act in a manner which is not in conflict with or inconsistent with or preempted by any law and which are not in conflict with the purposes for which schools are established.

School Board Members

Position Name (Click for Bio) Term Expiration
  President   Jeremy Coe   June 2025
  Vice-President   Yolanda Meraz   June 2024
  Authorizer Representative (Salida)   Twila Tosh   August 2025
  Board Member   Julissa Villanueva   June 2026
  Board Member   Mary Pedraza   June 2026

If you wish to provide input to the GVA School Board, please email