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Homeschool Online Resources

Khan Academy is a wonderful, free link for Math, Science and more to instruct and give help for most grade levels. If your child is struggling to learn a concept, check out Khan Academy for a step by step "Black board walk-through."

Moby Max has learning grades for K-8 in all subject areas. Contact your Advisory Teacher for your login information.

Conscious Discipline for Parents In a sea of self-help and parenting books, Conscious Discipline provides a proven and comprehensive approach that will improve both your life and the lives of your children. It empowers you with the self-awareness, brain information, developmental knowledge and useable skills necessary to create safe, connected, problem-solving homes.

Released Test Questions This link will take you to a page where you can click on "sign-in" and choose your child's grade. A link to your child's grade will come up and you may choose what test you would like to take - ELA or Math. This will give you and your child an idea of the test questions, and the computer format so your child can be more familiar with the layout. On test day, they will be better prepared. Review a few in a relaxed manner each day and have fun!

Common Core State Standards for all subjects and all grades. Read through your child's grade level and know what they need to learn! Click here

Math is Fun is a great site for Math definitions, great games and more. Counting games and number fill in are helpful for Kindergarten also.

Weather WizKids It’s a website designed especially for kids to allow them to learn more about the fascinating world of weather!!

Spelling City is a great tool for many ways to practice a student's spelling words or other words they may need to learn to spell. With over 25 games, this makes spelling a fun challenge for your student. Although it is free, there is a premium level that expands into Vocabulary as well.

Art Site1Art Site2 These are a few sites your child can benefit from all year. You learn about famous paintings or you can mix colors on computer to find out what new shade they make. There are also great on-line instructions for projects as well to have some hands on fun! A trip to the library would be a great experience to find some books by famous artists they could sit and look through also in order to meet the Fine Arts State Requirement. 

US Constitution This site is a US Constitution site designed by a parent for his/her child to understand more about the Constitution, its purpose and importance. This link takes you to the grade 8 - 12 information; however at the beginning are the areas for the younger students as well. It will be a useful site for the 8th grade students studying for the Constitution Test and filling in their study guide.

Book Adventure This site has great comprehension questions once the independent reader has completed the passage. Rewards may be earned through points, when you sign up for an account.

Wolfram/Alpha: Computational Knowledge Engine A great site for obtaining answers to objective facts.

Keyboarding Skills This website is a great one for helping your child learns the important keyboard skills. You can practice to improve and take tests as well. It's great for the entire family to practice!

Houghton Mifflin-All Subjects Great place to find work sheets and answers to many subjects for grades K-6.

Story Online This is a fun resource for students to use during a listening to read time.  It has almost 30 favorite children's books read by well-known actors and is free with no registration needed. 

Soft Schools This is a great website for worksheets, quizzes and educational games for K - 8! You can specify the number of problems and select the type of math you would like the child to practice and it will make up a sheet for you. It also contains a wealth of information, games and more for various holidays, contains all subjects and Teacher Resource helps as well.   

Kiddle Kid-friendly search engine

Online Lesson Plan Book Never struggle with lesson planning again.